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Nature Scenery

China nature is unique and renowned as some of the most beautiful palces on earth, such as the picturesque scenery along the Li River in Guilin, magnificent sceneries with high steep cliff in the Yangtze River scenic area, World known Mount Huangshan scenic area etc.

  • Lakes
  • China is abundant in various and beautiful lakes, such as the gemstone-like lakes in Jiuzhaigou National Park, the Lake Namtso, the highest lake in the world, West Lake, the most romantic lake in the hearts of Chinese, the Qinghai Lake, Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China(3914 Sq km). Moreover, most lakes have already fused by Chinese traditional culture, so it is common to see palaces, pavilions, gardens and villages near these lakes.


    Nanli Lake

    Mo Hill

    East Lake

    Qian Dao Lake

    Taihu Lake

  • Mountains and Hills
  • It's true that there are thousands mountains scattered in China's vast territory. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province is believed to be the most beautiful one, Mountain Tai in Shandong Province is regarded to be the one with the most profound culture of ancient China's. Mount Emei in Sichuan Province is the most elegant one with elaborated temples, gardens. Mountain Hushan near Xian looks like the most steep one only with one scary narrow winding trail to the top. Meanwhile, Lushan is also famous for its spendid waterfalls.


    The Flower and Fruit Mountain National Forest Park

    Small Qingdao Island

    Wuzhi Mountain

    Mt. Laoshan


  • Rivers
  • Basically speaking, most of the numerous rivers comes from the branches of the Yangtze River and Yellow River. These two river respectively are the longest river in Asia(6397 Km) and the fifth longest river in the World (5464 Km), which means most of China's cultures have connection with these two rivers, and it is also the reason why Chinese call Yangtze River and Yellow River the Mother Rivers of China. It will be very impressive to take a cruising ship between Yichang and Chongqing to fell the beauty of nature and historical relics. Moreover, the Li River cruise and Pearl River Cruise are also marvelous.


    Yulong River

    Nandaihe Scenic Area

    Beidaihe Scenic Area

    Yarlung Tsangpo River


  • Geyser Hot Spring and Spas
  • Hot Springs are gushes of hot water that are found on the land surface, then as the molten materials deep in the earth cool down, the water vapor and carbon dioxide will give off.  Geysers are natural fountains that throw up jets of hot water and steam at regular intervals through a vent in the surface. In China, they are numerous hot spring and Geysers scenic area surrounded by cultural relics and green mountains, such as the Huaqing Hot Spring in Xian, Baotu Spring Park in Jinan etc.

    Yangpachen Hot Spring

    Luhua Hot Spring

    Butterfly Spring

    Hua Qing Hot Spring

    Tiger Running Spring

  • Scenic Lookouts
  • As dominated by Taoist, Buddhism and Confucianism in over thousands of years, most of Chinese ancient scenic lookouts have connections with these themes, showing in pavilions, temples, garden and artifical ponds. Nowadays, as China pays much more attention to its economy, most of the modern scenic lookouts, such as the beach resort, cultural park etc., is a park complex emphasizing on sightseeing, accommodation, playing and food specialities.

    Longyuwan National Forest Park

    Cockscomb Limestone Cave

    Baiyunshan National Forest Park

    Yellow River Scenic Area

    Shimei Bay

  • Waterfalls
  • waterfalls in China never disappoint travellers who want to see the ones of splendid, magnificent, elegant or just being wide. The most famous waterfalls in China are the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Gizhou Province, Detian Waterfall in Guangxi Province, Nuorilang Waterfall in Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan Province and Hukou Waterfall in Shanxi Province. Meanwhile, some other famous mountains also have waterfalls, such as Mountain Lushan in Jiangxi Province.

    Chishui Shizhang Waterfall Group

    Huangguoshu Waterfall

  • Beaches
  • The 32,000-long coastline gives China a lot of beautiful or even amazing beaches and islets for holidays. On the other hand, considered the climate and weather, the beaches in the Sanya, Xiamen, Beihai with subtropical climate are definitely the best ones in China, also beaches in Qingdao, Putuo Island and Beidaihe are beautiful too.


    Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach

    Beihai Silver Beach

    Weihai International Beach Resort

    Victoria Bay

    Causeway Bay