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Nightlife in China


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When visit a city, we care about not only the view under the sun, but also how the locals spend their night. In China, with the fast growing speed of economy and construction, quite a lot metropolis depict a marvelous scene at night, here are several examples.
Since the operation of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail, go to Changsha for a weekend has been a normal desire for those live in Guangzhou. Changsha is most famous for its entertainment programme, still remember Li Yuchun? the champion of 2005 "Super Girl competition", she has brought a trend of being oneself and showing one's best, she was selected as a cover girl of Time (Asia edition) and in these years, she has won many rewards and reputation, now she is definitely the representative of Chinese pop culture. Yes, she got she fame in Changsha, which is commended as the first entertainment center in Mainland China.
In Changsha, you can go to the shoot of Happy Camp to experience the intelligence and brilliance of comperes. Or you can go to see some performance at Tianhan Theatre or Qindao Singing Hall.
Sth. must-experience:
Go to bars in the Jiefang West Road; taste Renao, fermented bean curd, taste shrimp at sidewalk snack booth. Though these snacks are spicy, you would not stop once you have a bite.
Other sights recommended: Orange Islet, Yuelu Academy

Wuhan is a place for revelry, the locals are busy between the sidewalk snack booth and KTVs, sitting at sidewalk snack booth, ordering several dishes and bottles of beer, enjoying folk artisans performing at the street.
Sth. must-experience:
Go to Jiqing street or Hubu Xiang to taste widely-accepted snacks in Wuhan; paying 10 yuan to the folk artisans for 2-3 songs, sitting so close that immediately the performance would shorten the distance of tourists and this city.
Other sights recommended: Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan University, Donghu Scenic Spots

Night Shanghai has already been another expression of Fashion Rocks, various kinds of parties brimming with the atmosphere of dense Teenix, even walking on the Bund, you can feel different dreamlike night view.
Bars in Shanghai are almost uncountable, different from each other in themes, decorations, etc. Night Shanghia is also open, accepting various locals and tourists.
Sth. must-experience:
New World offers most selections at night, have a cup of cocktail at outdoor bars can help you quickly blended in this city at night.
Other sights recommended: Yu Garden, Town God's Temple

4.Chengdu: relaxing
Chengdu is noted for its relaxing, it is known as "once you've been here, you would be reluctantly to leave".
When night falls, the sidewalk snack booth would prop up tent, drinking beer, eating Chuanchuan Xiang, barbecue is the prelude of Chengdu folk's nightlife. Then is the time to relax and hang about in bars.
Sth. must-experience: to taste hotpot in Yulin Life Square, where attracts almost all the people enjoying nightlife.
Other sights recommended: Wuhou Temple, Jinli, Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Taipei always leave a busy and crowded impression to many people, nightlife in Taipei is especially outstanding. Not only the young adult, but also elder citizens would like to enjoy their night in nightclubs, on the street, tasting midnight snack, and shopping in the night malls.
Sth. must-experience: ShihLin night market has been put on Taiwan soap opera frequently, here provided authentic local snacks, only if you go there with an empty belly, can you feast your mouth extravagantly.
Other sights recommended: Taipei Palace Museum, Taipei Grandee, Confucian temple

6.Hongkong: Lively
Entertainment places in Hongkong have the classifications of grade, the young favor Disco, office worker, the bars. Besides, the Hongkong also like racing horses, appreciating night view, staying at bookstores, etc. Lan Kwai Fong is porbably the most crowded bar in Hongkong.
Sth. must-experience: go to Tsim Sha Tsui to enjoy night views.
Other sights recommended: Temple Street, SOHO district, marine park and Hongkong Disneyland