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Religious sites

Religious sites in Chins is not hard to find, for during the long history of China, people belives firmly in Taoist, Buddhism, Confucianism. However, most of China threw these believes far behind for tiding the economy. Shaolin Temple is the right place to find buddhism, and Mount Songshan is the right place to find the connections between nature and imperial ceremonies.

  • Taiqing Palace

    The Taiqing Palace, a sacred Taoist Palace, is located on the southern slopes of the well known Mt. Laoshan in Qingdao. Reportedly, there were once 8 temples, 9 palaces and 72 convents on the mountain when Taoism was at its height of prosperity. Among the existing buildings on the mountain, the Taiqing Palace is the largest with the longest history. The prominent point of Taiqing Palace was that
  • Moslem Street

    Location of Moslem Street Xian Moslem Street, also known as Huimin Jie in Chinese, just as the name implies, Moslem Street is the garthering center of the Moslem community in Xian City, Shaanxi Province. It is nestled near the Drum Tower, around 500 meters (about 547 yards) long from south to north, paved with dark colored stone with green trees on both sides. Along the street, you can find the b
  • St. Ignatius Cathedral

    St. Ignatius Cathedral, also named Xujiahui Cathedral, is the largest Roman Catholic cathedral with a long history of more than 90 years in Shanghai. It is situated in the Xujiahui district to the north of Shanghai Stadium. The cathedral was first structured in 1906, and was demolished during the Cultural Revolution(from 1966 to 1976). It has just recently been restored to its premier Pulchritude
  • Beijing Cow Street Mosque

    History of Beijing Cow Street Mosque   The Beijing Cow Street Mosque is one of most vital and the oldest mosques in China. There was a mosque built in 996 AD first, and now the mosque covers an area of around 6,000 square meters. The outside architecture is Chinese style, while it looks somewhat strange or quite ancient. The inside of the architecture looks more Arabic. It is a vital site for
  • Nanhai Kwan-yin Temple

    Location of Nanhai Kwan yin Temple   Nanhai Kwan-yin Temple is located on the Niugugang of Fenghuangling Mountain in Foshan, Guangdong Province. It was first built in 990 during the Song Dynasty, since then, it has been destroyed and restored repeatedly. Uncountable Buddhist disciples came here to worship Nanhai Kwan-yin generation after generation. In the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)