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The Most Romantic Blocks in China


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For a better understand of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen, the speeding cities in China, the favorite of youths is nothing but watching the pedestrians on a seat, or wander along the most fashionable and characteristic blocks to feel the pulse of the city.



Sanlitun took its name from its distance to the Forbidden City. Sanlitun is well-known for its arts, fashion, cuisine, and wine, and it became the accumulation area for youths. World trademarks, fashionable shops, and characteristic bar scatter in this area, making Sanlitun a commercial complex and playground. Sanlitun is the symbol of nightlife in Beijing. It is one of the unchangeable topics in Beijing and the pronoun of joy and curiosity.


Located on Taikang Rd, Luwan District, Tianzifang is a block reconstructed according to the old style of gate of Shiku. It is a place with much life feeling and Shanghai flavor. Wandering along the narrow alleys, a feeling of going back to 20th century strikes the visitors. It is said that, for those who had not ever gone there, he had been forgotten by fashion. Years ago, Tianzifang is Taikang Rd, one of the most ordinary roads in Shanghai. However now, the changed Tianzifang became the sacred place for pilgrims like youths and artists. Locations with intensive artistic atmosphere, such as gallery, movies collections, and characteristic shops, featured restaurants, and cafés combines together, intensively and warmly.   Visitors can enjoy exhibits, wander between shops, or watch the speeding pedestrians with a cup of tea in hand. They all depend yourselves.


Visitors should not avoid Yuexiu District when travelling Guangzhou; fashionable visitors to Yuexiu cannot avoid the 6th Jianshe Rd. Though named after a strange name, it is the most romantic street in Guangzhou without doubt. It is full of fashionable elements and sentimental locations, but comparing with other tourist streets in other cities, it is as you wished and relaxing place. Shops and stores scatter along the streets; architectures with old style and new fashion combine together. People lived in this street leads a simple and graceful life. They shoot for tranquility and interest in noise and chaos. It is of Guangzhou. Visitors will find the shops and stores open without famous brands and trademarks, but they are with great fashion and interest, and shores without interest cannot compete with others.


We can learn from senior travelers that the best season for travelling to Xiamen is October and November. The comfortable season suits with light wears. When the rainfall season ends, the wind blows from the sea does not feel cold but smoothly. So if you can visit Xiamen in such months for any reason, it is admirable. Gulangyu is the center of arts and literature of Xiamen. For people in Xiamen, the beauty of the island is of season. When in summer, time grows slowly, but much slower in Gulangyu. It is as slow as you are not afraid of walking quickly.

Except the breeze from the sea and the ancient architectures, the small café, the sentimental stores, the booths cannot miss. So that it is not strange that the pictures took from this islands focus on trivia, even the homeless cats.