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Ski Resorts

Although most of China's Ski Resort don't have big fame in the world, slowly visitors will find that China do have many world-class Ski Resorts, where are also the right place to meet other. These ski resorts have decent ski slopes and of course ski gear rented on site, such as the Yabuli Ski Resort in Harbin.

  • Yabuli Ski Resort

    Yabuli Ski Resort is built on Yabuli Sun Mountain, part of the Changbai Mountain Range, about 180 kilometers southeast of Harbin. It is known as the China's biggest and best ski resort. I think the events listed below will support my point. Yabuli Ski Resort serves as the primary training venue for China's national teams (Alpine, Nordic (aka Cross-Country) and Freestyle teams), and the 1996 Asia
  • Jihua Ski Resort

    Located in the Binxi National Forest Park, some 38 kilometers (24 miles, about two hours' drive) from Harbin city center, Jihua Ski Resort is surrounded by mountains with good scenery. With a heavy snowfall, about 150 days of snow every year, and perfect location, the surrounding mountains shelter the Ski park from strong wind, Jihua Ski Resort gives tourists a nice place to have snow fun. Th