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Top 10 Desserts in Hong Kong


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                                           Top 10 desserts in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's food has become popular in the world and been adored in recent years. Especially Hong Kong desserts are more welcome. More and more hotel, dessert stores have increased in Hong Kong for selling point. Here we’d like to introduce you top10 delicious Hong Kong dessert praised by the dessert diners below.

1.Black sticky rice and mango dessert Mango matches black glutinous rice with sweet corn kernels and taro cubes soaking in icy milk. Adding a half mango together, it tastes cool, sweet and delicious. Pretty good!

2.Mango Sago with Pomelo
A very special taste just like first love, very sour, light, and a little bitter! Pomelo leads the entire texture so the taste buds constantly wander between pain and sweet. Mango meringue and thick sticky coconut with sago and tasty corn play with teeth vividly and produce a magical effect!

3.Mango Pancake
a thin crepe filled with creme and slices of mango.

4.Sesame paste bean curd
a kind of desserts made of sesame seed and bean curd has a delicious flavour.

5.Snow White Sago
A dessert made of sago and mango is very popular in summer.

6.Mango Pudding

7.Never-off sugar

Just as its name implies, never-off sugar means the sugar is sticky and hard to throw off. It is like round dumplings for the shape symbolize perfect happiness. Glutinous rice is cooked with syrup until syrup is thick enough. The sugar is also called Ruyi fruit born of dumplings. Adding ginger can get rid of coldness.


8.Lai Xi Mibu fluffy baked Austin
Made of taro, chestnut debris, strawberry and coconut milk.

9.Purple coconut rice
A pastry made of coconut.

10. MaDou coconut cake
A kind of pudding made of coconut yellow split peas.