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Thing to do in Changchun


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1.Jilin Provincial Museum
Built on the palace site of the late emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Attracting large numbers of tourists each year, is the famous historical attractions

2.Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State
Although the history became the history, the Museum of Imperial Palace of Manchu State still reminds us of the darkness at that period. The palace bears witness to the Japanese invasion of Dongbei .  located in the northeast of Changchun City. Like Jilin Provincial Museum, it is one famous historical attractions .

3.Mighty Changbai Mountain .

One of ten famous mountains in China, with his famous and unique natural scenery. Heavenly Lake is at the heart of this splendid place.

4.Changchun Film City
Located in the southwest suburb, known as the 'Chinese Hollywood .Changchun Film City takes film art and culture as its main theme. It is a tourist attraction and a screen base of both movies and TV plays.

5.Changbai Zhen Yan
There are in total six dishes that make up Changbai Zhen Yan. All the ingredients are both natural and rare products of Changbai Mountain . It will not only meet your eating desires but also  good for your health.You can try if given the opportunity.

6.Chongqing Lu Business Street
Changchun is very convenient for shopping.Chongqing Lu Business Street is the most famous business street in Changchun. Changchun General Merchandise Center, International Trade Center, Charter Shopping Center, Wangfujing Shopping Mall, Wal-Mart Supermarket can all be found here.

7.Specialties of Changchun

Changchun also many specialty,Woodcarving ,Ginseng and Deer's Antlers are the most three important .Especially the Deer's Antler, mainly produced in Changbai Mountain area, coming from newly born antlers of the spotted deer.


Nightlife in Changchun is not as colorful and romantic as that of other big cities in China, such as Shanghai or Beijing.But the Conservancy have their unique way of nightlife. Rhine Coffee Tea Houseand May Flower Pub you can visit.

9.Shangri-La Hotel
Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun is the city's only international luxury hotel.Located in the Center of Changchun.It is a nice hotel, the location is excellent and very convenient. There are shopping malls nearby.

10.Paradise Hotel

The Paradise Hotel is located in the prosperous trade center of Changchun City. It is only 20 minutes from the airport.Located in center of Changchun .it is the most expensive hotel of the trip