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Things to Do in Anyang


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Anyang has a long history of more than 3,500 years and is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Anyang city.


The ruins cover a total area of 24 square kilometers, preserving a great number of bronze, stone, bone and jade articles.

2.Grand Taihang Canyon

Grand Taihang Canyon lies to the west of Linzhou City at the eastern foot of the southern Taihang Mountains. Grand peaks, cliffs, gorges and waterfalls call into being this excellent natural scenery in North China.

3.Museum of Chinese Characters

With the theme of Chinese character, the museum intends to preserve China's conventional cultural heritage.

4.Non-Stick Fries

Chao San Bu Zhan is one of Anyang’s traditional dishes with egg yolk as its main raw material. It is popular among local people.

5.Anyang Three Smoked Meats
With a long history of more than 100 years, Anyang San Xu has enjoyed a high reputation all over the city.

6.Slurry Rice Porridge

Fen Jiang Fan is actually a kind of conventional millet gruel, using peanuts, millet, mung bean slurry and soybean as the main ingredients. It is a common food for local people.

7.Daokou-Style Red-Cooked Chicken

Daokou-Style Red-Cooked Chicken has a long history of more than 350 years. It needs eight seasonings and is stewed in soup stock. The cooking procedure alone takes 3-5 hours.


Anyang's local specialty products include jujubes, hawthorns, walnuts, pears, chestnuts, and pepper.You can go shopping at the key commercial streets like Hongqi Road, North Avenue, South Avenue.

9.Anyang Hotel
The Anyang Hotel is situated in the abustle downtown area of Anyang. It is about 15 minutes' walk to the Anyang Railway Station,so the transportation is quite convenient.

10.Anyang Ancai Hotel
The hotel has various conference rooms with different standards and a fully equipped multi-function hall.It is a great place for you to enjoy great fun.