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Things to Do in Baotou


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As the famous city , there are too much tourist resources in Baotou. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Baotou.

1.Genghis Khan's Mausoleum

Inner Mongolia, Most people, however, believe that this mausoleum is not where he was really buried. Whether this is true or not, Genghis Khan's Mausoleum remains a sacred place with great significance for Mongolian people.

2.Wudangzhao Monastery

The monastery was built in the Tibetan style. It is a group of white architectures built on the hills according to the principles of aspect. The white monastery stands out against the background of the green trees, making it looks quite grand.

3.Genghis Khan Teppanyaki

This is a kind of barbecue. This kind of cooking style is named Teppanyaki in Japan and still very popular nowadays. Hence people call it Genghis Khan Teppanyaki.

4.Dexingyuan Shaomai

Shaomai has long history. It is a kind of steamed dumpling. Shaomai is usually served as dim sum, a traditional local delicacy in a feast. Dexingyuan Shaomai is especially famous.


Fermented Milk Curd is the most common dairy snack of Mongolian herdsman families. Local people prefer yoghurt to fresh milk. Milk tea made of compressed tea boiled with fresh milk and koumiss are favorite drinks of the Mongolians.

6.Gangtie Da Jie

Gangtie Da Jie in western Baotou has a many various restaurants. Otherwise, there are many snack stalls at the corner of  Nanmenwai Da Jie and Huancheng Lu. Food there is cheap and attracts a lot of people.

7.Sanlan Carpet

It is said that Baotou is one of the earliest region where woolen was used to weave carpet. The carpet is made of three kinds of blue woolen threads and patterns includes natural landscape, animals, paintings and many other auspicious designs.

8.Mongolian Knife

Mongolian knives are obbligato to a nationality on horseback. Ivory chopsticks can be put into one side of the sheath. It is convenient tool while eating and cut meat.


As the political, economic and cultural center of the city, Kundulun District attracts large numbers of shopping centers offering different kinds of products. Gangtie Da Jie, Aerding Da Jie, Youyi Da Jie and Baiyun Lu and many others will meet your desires.

10.Shangri-la Hotel

Hotel Rating is five stars. Being the first international luxury hotel in Baotou city, Shangri-La Hotel is an outstanding combination of comfort, quality service and convenience.