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Things to Do in Beihai


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1.Silver Beach

Overview Silver Beach is one of the best beaches in China, with a total area of 22 square kilometers.

2.Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island is the biggest extinct volcano island in China, with an area of 25 square kilometers. It is also called "Great Penglai".

3.Mangrove Nature Reserve

Mangrove Nature Reserve is among the well-developed, well preserved mangroves in China and now under careful protection.

4.South Pearl Palace

A visit to the South Pearl Palace can not only help you understand South Pearl’s history but also has a taste of its unique culture.

5.The World Exhibition Center of Shellfish and Coral

The World Exhibition Center of Shellfish and Coral is the first and the largest live shellfish and coral exhibition center in China.


Clam is one of major sources of shell creature in Southern China Sea.

7.Sand Worm

With rich nutrition, it tastes delicious and can be eaten fresh or dried.Sand worm takes a shape of bowel, with a length of 5-10 centimeters and a thickness of nearly one centimeter.

8.Sea slug

The Sea slug is nutritious and has been famous for a long time and mainly grows in Weizhou Island.

9.Beihai Holiday Bay Hotel  

Its address is No.4 Road, Yintan District, Beihai.And hotel tel is 3895888.

10.Beihai International Hotel Zhenlong  
Address of Beihai International Hotel Zhenlong is No.8 West Beihai Avenue Beihai,and hotel Tel 3065666.