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Things to Do in Beijing


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As the capital of China, there are too much tourist resources in Beijing. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Beijing.

Top 10 Things to do in Beijing

1. Great Wall
It is no doubt that the Great Wall is one of the most famous attractions in Beijing. I believe different sections of Great Wall can satisfy many different interests. Come and explore your favorite one!

2. Forbidden City
Obviously, Forbidden City is a must-see, and you will not regret visiting. What we can learn about the construction is that ancient Chinese people displayed their very considerable skills in building the Forbidden City.

3. Old Summer Palace
Known as the Ruins of the Yuanmingyuan, the Old Summer Palace consists of three parts - Yuanmingyuan, Wanchunyuan and Changchunyuan. Visitors can imagine the former grandeur of the Old Summer Palace from the crumbling walls and ruins. It is a special experience.

4. Tiananmen Square
In fact, Tiananmen Square is not just a square, you can visit Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall and see the national flag raising ceremony. It is really worth visiting.

5. Temple of Heaven
This ceremony held in Temple of Heaven was to thank Heaven and hope everything would be good in the future. An interesting and famous place for you to visit is called Echo Wall owning special feature. You can have a try in your own person then.

6. National Stadium
It was designed as the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and known as Bird's Nest. Tourists can not only visit the Olympic venue, but also go skiing. It sets a very good example to the world's architectural history.

7.  Ming Tombs
The entire construction is stable and beautiful! Moreover, there are numbers of invaluable treasures found in Ming Tombs. It was one of the UNESCO listed sites in Beijing.

8.  Peking (Beijing) Roasted Duck
It has been one of the local favorite dishes of the Beijing people since the early of 15th century for its unique taste, especially the thin, crispy authentic skin.

9. Night Life
Beijing nightlife is very colorful and has more to offer than you expected actually. No matter you are young or not. You can choose Opera, Kung Fu Show, Acrobatic Show, and, of course, bars.

10.  Wangfujing Avenue
Wangfujing has been the pride of Beijing since Qing Dynasty and it is said that Wangfujing is Beijing's only pedestrian street for its most exclusive products.