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Things to do in Changsha


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1. Yuelu Academy

One of the four famous ancient Chinese Academy , Originally built in 976, it has a history of more than one thousand years. Yuelu Academy is a place in the city that both tourists and students like to visit it either for its glorious past as a reputed feudal academic school in ancient times, or for being the site of Hunan University today

2.Historical Relic

The most fantastic historical relic should be the well-preserved mummified remains of a Western Han Dynasty woman excavated from Mawangdui Han Tombs. The remains have lasted over more than 2000 years and the skins are still stretchy. Thousands of unearthed relics include silk products, paintings, lacquer works, potteries, bamboo slips used for writing, weapons, herbs, and so on. These are all exhibited in Hunan Provincial Museum.

3.Three-Boxed Birds

A specialty in Changsha.It  has a beautiful legend ,this name may seem a little strange and doesn't tell a story clearly.Though that story isnot meaningful, the dish became popular becauseof that soury.

4.Non-Yolk Eggs with Mushroom。

No one will be surprised by a plate of eggs with a mushroom soup. However, when you try it, you will find the tender eggs have no yolk inside and the delicious soup will melt in your mouth.If you go to Changsha, do not miss.

5.Hunan Bestride Hotel

Hunan Bestride Hotel Locatied in  center of changsha.Opened on July 28, 1999, Hunan Bestride Hotel is a five-star hotel geared towards business travelers, combining European and Hunan stylesand the price is not high

6.Huatian Hotel

Huatian Hotel was established in 1988, which is the first five star hotel in Hunan province.Located in the Railway Station.

7.Golden Time
Located in Jiefang Lu, this is the most up to the minute entertainment venue in the city. this club is famous for its crazy atmosphere and first-class show performances. Customers tend to be those on higher incomes and businessmen.You can arrive by different means

8.Shopping Areas
Wuyi Lu,  is a popular shopping area in the city. All sorts of department stores, shopping malls and supermarkets, hotels, restaurants on the visitors' recommended list surround the bustling Wuyi Square. If you want to shop, it is a good choice

9.Chrysanthemum Stone
This natural stone is amazing with its white inclusions embedded in the grey/black stone.  Artists carve the stones into different shapes resembling flowers, birds, animals and other artistic figures. You can buy as a commemoration, and inexpensive

 10.Dongtang Shopping Area–South
In the southern part of the city near Furong Nanlu, there is another shopping circle near Dongtang with a landmark shopping center called Golden Family World Classic. Clothes shopping buildings, friendship stores, Gome Electronic Appliances and other supermarkets dot with area.