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Things to Do in Chongqing


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Chongqing attracts visitors from abroad and home with its beautiful natural scenery and 3,000 years rich cultural relics. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Chongqing.

Top 10 Things to do in Chongqing

1. Ci Qi Kou old Town
You will find a friendly welcome awaits you as the people of Ci Qi Kou share their special way of life with you for the duration of your visit.

2. Dazu Rock Carvings
Can you guess how many years Dazu Rock Carvings covers? The answer is 1,230 years, since it came into existence in 758 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

3. General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum
The museum was founded in memory of Joseph W. Stilwell, an American general who contributed a great deal to the Chinese people.

4.  Qianzhang
A tasty dish made of the skim of soya bean milk, which could be bake or fry or steam.

5.  Maoxuewang
It is a dish of boiled blood curd, spices and other additives with spicy sauce.

6.  Keyuan Food Street
As one of the earliest gourmet streets in Chongqing with numerous, gorgeous local and international restaurants, it is worth visiting.

7.  Hot pot
Hot pot is a thriving local tradition and is an all year round booming business in Chongqing, and the hot pot restaurants and numerous sidewalks stands with different shapes and sizes Hot pot will give you feeling of love.

8.  Chongqing Studio City Cinema
Hollywood films and Chinese blockbusters with English subtitles are available here.
9.  Fermented Bean Curd
With bright color, tender and delicious tastes, it is a traditional famous food and a good seasoning.

10.  Jiangjin Pop-Rice Candy
A traditional product in Chongqing, it is loved by adults and people for its sweet fragrance and delicious taste.