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Things to Do in Dalian


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Things to Do in Dalian.

As the famous city , there are too much tourist resources in Dalian. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Dalian .

1.Bangchuidao Scenic Area

Bangchuidao Scenic Area is located in the east of the Binhai Road. It consists of Bangchuidao Islet, the natural lido and Bangchuidao Hotel. It is a famous seashore resort combining marvelous scenery of hills, sea, islet and beach.

2. Bingyu Valley Scenic Area

Bingyu Valley Scenic Area, is located in northern Zhuanghe City.This spectacular resort is renowned as 'Oriental Miniature Switzerland'. It is also acclaimed as 'Little Guilin' .

3.Zhongshan Square

Zhongshan Square, was originally built in the Russian colonial period. This round square is typical of the blending of western styles of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance with a variety of old European style .


Also known as 'Port Arthur', it occupies the west end of Dalian City and the south edge of the Liaodong Peninsula.  It is a beautiful tourist city zone with a long history.

5.Xinghai Park

Xinghai Park is situated on the southwestern side of Dalian City .The park has luxuriant trees and flowers on the landward side while the coastal side comprises a beach of golden sands.

6.Stir-fried Prawn

Gutted prawns stir-fried with ginger, spring onion and spice, and then stewed on a low heat. The finished prawn should have a bright appearance. It tastes fresh and tender.

7.Steamed Sea Bream

This is a quiet noted Shandong cuisine. Sea Breams are steamed with ginger, spring onion, mushroom, and bamboo shoots for fifteen minutes. It is a favorite dish accompanyed by wine.


Bordering the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea , Dalian exports different kinds of its seafood to other countries and regions all over the world.

9.Night Life

Though not as colorful as those in Beijing, bar and pubs close to Wuwu Road and Sanba Square areas in the city are still main choices for local people.

10.King Hall Hotel

Hotel rating is five stars and is located in Tiger Beach Amusement Park. King Hall Hotel is about 1 kilometer from the beautiful Laohutan Ocean Park.