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Things to Do in Dengfeng


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Dengfeng has a long history, and it is famous for the old and large religious sites, temple buildings and military arts academies. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Dengfeng city.

1.Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple in the region of Song Mountain, Dengfeng City, is reputed to be 'the Number One Temple under Heaven'.

2.Songyang Academy

Songyang Academy was an institution of higher education in ancient China.The academies were a unique form of higher education in the society of China.

3.Zhongyue Temple

Zhongyue Temple is the largest existing ancient architectural complex in China that is still well-preserved. It is located at the foot of Taishi Mountain.

4.Chinese style baked roll

The brown Chinese style baked rolls produced in Dengfeng, also named Jiaogai Shaobing. Jiaogai Shaobing has become one of the most typical local foods in Dengfeng.

5.Songshan vegetarian food

Songshan vegetarian food uses natural soy products, edible fungus and vegetables as its main active ingredients.

6.Yongtai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant

Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant has a long history with its subtle and unique vegetarian food. You can enjoy authentic vegetarian food in Yong Tai Temple Vegtarian Restaurant.

7.New Century Hotel

New Century Hotel is a four-star standard hotel situated at the foot of Songshan Mountain. It offers buffet and various kinds of Chinese food.

8.Buddha Bathing festival

Buddha Bathing Festival is a festival to honour the memory of the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha. It is one the most vital cruical Buddhist festivals.

9.Paulownia Lacquerware

Paulownia Lacquerware, one of the most elegant folk crafts in China, has a long history of over 2000 years.

10.Shaolin Ginkgo Leaf Tea

The gingko tree has been praised as the “living fossil” in China. Shaolin Ginkgo Leaf Tea following the essence of Shaolin medication chooses non-polluting newly-born leaves of old ginkgo trees as its raw materials.