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Things to Do in Erdos


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As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, the city of Ordos has a long history. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Erdos.


Ordos, the local language, means large number palaces in Mongolian. It has a long history and people living there 35,000 years ago created the spendid Ordos Culture.

2.The majestic mausoleum

The majestic mausoleum is consists of six halls and corridors, and the five-meter-tall statue of Genghis Khan stands at the entrance to the mausoleum. It is the first-class tourist resource of Inner Mongolia.

3.Singing Sand Ravine

Singing Sand Ravine is a epidemic tourist site located in Dalad Banner. The one hundred meters  high sand dune can produce formidable echoes in the wind.

4.The Nadam Grassland festival

The Nadam Grassland festival is a grand fair featuring traditional Mongolian recreational and sporting activity. It is held between summer and autumn from July to August.


Do not pass before an elderly person. Do not sit side by side with an elderly person without permission; Take with you gifts such as snacks, wine, or sweets. Never beat a barking dog in front of the ger.


Mongolians don't like others pointing at their heads and they dislike black which is seen as a bad warning.

7.The Ordos Grassland

The Ordos Grassland is located 12 kilometers west of Hangjinqi County in Ordos Prefecture and traditional activities are held on the Ordos Grassland.

8.Manai Festival

It is also a traditional Mongolian festival which is usually held in the latter days of the eighth lunar month.

9.Erdos Fengyi Hotel

Erdos Fengyi Hotel is located at Erdos West Street, near to the attractive Tiexi Zoology Park, 10-minutes driving to Railway Station and 40 minutes driving to Airport.So it is good choice for you.

10.Erdos Hengxin Grand Hotel
Hengxin Grand Hotel Erdos is located in the core of Kangbashi new district, facing to government building. hence transportation is quiet convenient for you.