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Things to Do in Fenghuang


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Fenghuang, praised as "the Most Beautiful Town of China" , is a small county famous for its natural beauty, long history and spendid culture as well as colorful ethnic customs. Here is list of top ten things to do in Fenghuang.

1.Tuo Jiang River

Tuo Jiang River, the biggest river within the county, is one of the branches of Wushui River, feeding the Fenghuang people from generations to generations.

2.Huang Si Qiao Castle

Huang Si Qiao Castle, about 24 kilometers west of Fenghuang, is the best protected stone castle of China.

3.Great Wall

Great Wall, one of the World Culture Heritage sites in China and the typical architecture of China, is well known to be a builting for separating the central China from the north ethnic minorities.

4.Shanjiang Miao Village

Shanjiang Miao Village, located at a valley called Miaoren Valley, 20 kilometers northwest of Fenghuang County, is a hiking heaven for tourists, featured green mountains, limpid alpine lakes.

5.Longevity Palace

Located at the bank of Tuojiang River in Shawan Scenic Area, Longevity Palace is harmoniously integrate with the surrounding mountains and river.

6.Fenghuang Pickled Radish

Fenghuang Pickled Radish is really popular among Fenghuang people. They love to eat pickled radish with red pepper juice.

7.Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup

Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup is a traditional dish of Miao ethnic people. The vegetable used to be pickled are usually the radish leaves and cabbage.

8.Pickled Fish in Miao Ethnic Style

It is the typical noted dining which has brought national fame to the Miao ethnic people in Fenghuang County.

9.River life

You can roam around along the side of the river and as you do witness the daily life of the old town that centres around the river. Here you can see people washing clothes and vegetables.

10.Phoenix Grand Hotel

The Phoenix Grand Hotel is located at Fenghuang, built according to the hill in garden-style architecture, feature “mountain in House, House in the mountains”.