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Things to Do in Foshan


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Foshan City is located in south central Guangdong Province. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Foshan.

1.Ancestors' Temple

Located in the main part of the Zumiao Road of Foshan City, is known as "Chan Cheng" .It has a long history and there are many attractions, and the Ancestors' Temple is the most famous one.

2.Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain is one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong Province. It is famous for both beautiful scenery and rich cultural resources.

3.Bruce Lee Ancestor's House

Bruce Lee, a brilliant Chinese Kung Fu master and action movie star, made a great contribution to promoting Chinese martial arts and Bruce Lee Ancestor's House is located in Shang Village, Shunde District.

4.Foshan Manggong Cake

Foshan Manggong Cake is one of the most famous specialities of Foshan . It is made of rice flour mixed with sugar, peanuts, sesame, pork, and cooking oil, tasting crisp and appetizing.

5.Double-skin Milk

Double-skin Milk is regarded as the top grade dessert here. And the most famous Double-skin Milk is in the Empress, a food shop in Shengping Road, Shunde District.

6.Foshan Jiujiang Fried Biscuit

The biscuits look golden in color. The wrapper is thin and the stuffing is delicious. it is free from grease and tastes savory and crisp.

7.Yingji Noodle Restaurants

It has nineteen stores in the city totally. The Wonton Noodle here is spoken highly of by visitors and local people.


There are not only several shopping malls that can cater for visitors who wish to shop for brand names, but also some streets and lanes where a fine selection of folk handicrafts can be found.


After a day's touring and sightseeing, you can relax at night and soak up some of the local flavors at a number of establishments in Foshan.

10.Empire Hotel

Convenient surroundings, comfortable rooms with Internet access and business center make Empire Hotel the first choice of many business visitors.