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Things to do in Fuzhou


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1.The national scenic area-Mt. Gu

The national scenic area-Mt. Gu (meaning drum hill in Chinese) is located in the eastern suburb of Fuzhou City and the evergreen mountain-Mt. Gu is a famous Buddhist scenic spot, sitting on the north bank of the Min River. It is 17 kilometers (about 10.6 miles) from downtown Fuzhou.

2.Earth Towers of the Hakkas

Earth Towers of the Hakkas is a unique style of Chinese village architectures. In terms of architectural characteristics, the rounded earth tower is more traditional with the Hakkas and is a typical example of a Hakkas folk residence.

3. Fo Tiao Qiang (Buddha Jumps over the Wall)
With more than 100 year's history, it is a traditional Min Cuisine recipe. It is said to have been created by the wife of a Fuzhou official, who in 1876 was entertaining an important member of the Fujian Government in his home.

4.Ji Tang Tun Hai Bang (Chicken Soup with Sea Clam)
Clams from Changlezhang harbor of Fuzhou are cut into thin pieces and boiled in water to which Shaoxing wine is added partway through the cooking process. The clams are served in a clear chicken soup that is both nutritious and tasty.

5.Xinhuadu Shopping Square
Here you will find a wide range of the basic necessities of daily life:
Address: No.162, Wusi Lu
Bus route: bus Nos.5, 51, 817 to Gushanzuo Stop
Opening hour: 7:00-22:00

6.Entertainment places

As a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center.Here we have some recommended entertainment places for your reference:

Hongse Jingjie Disco Bar
Address: No.69, Gudong Lu, Gu Lou Qu

Xin Jiazu Entertainment City
Address: 2/F, No.73, Jiaotong Lu, Taijiang Qu

7.Ramada Plaza Hotel, Fuzhou
Hotel Rating:
Ramada Plaza Hotel, Fuzhou consists of 30 stories with 328 spacious guestrooms and suites, all tastefully decorated and well equipped with air-conditioning, satellite TV, IDD, broadband Internet access, and mini-bar.
Location: City Center

8.Shangri-La Hotel, Fuzhou
Hotel Rating:
Strategically located in the heart of Fuzhou, the thriving capital of Fujian Province, Shangri-La hotel, Fuzhou overlooks the main Wuyi Square and the scenic areas of Wushan and Yushan, making it ideal location for both business and leisure visitors.
Location: City Center

9.Ding Bian Hu (Rice Piece with Seafood Soup)
A prepared rice paste is poured around the rim of an iron boiler and heated until it is dried. This is added to a seafood soup. As well as being a popular dish with families at home in Fuzhou, Ding Bian Hu is a common street snack. People usually have it in the morning or at night

10.Western Restaurants

If the local dishes are not quite to your taste then the following restaurants may be of interest:

Windsor Western Restaurant
Address: No.73, Wusi Lu
Opening hour: 17:30-21:00

Western Restaurant of Xinhuadu Hotel
Address: No.73, Guangda Lu