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Things to Do in Haikou


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There are natural resources, scenic spots and historical sites in Haikou. Here is a list of top ten to do in Haikou.

Top 10 Things to do in Haikou

1. Dongjiao Coconut Plantation
Known variously as the 'Kingdom of Coconuts', 'Golden Seashore', and 'Forest Park over the Sea', Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is a delightful choice for a holiday visit.

2. Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area
Dongzhai Harbor Mangrove Natural Reserve Area is famous for its many species of birds inhabit the reserve, including many rare migratory birds, which is known as ‘heaven for birds’.

3. Holiday Beach
The resort has four zones: Sea Sports, Food and Culture, the Fun Section and Relaxation. You can enjoy a whole set of service.

4. Tomb of Hai Rui
Hai Rui is famed as a statesman for his honesty and performance of his duty as well as his clean life. In order to commemorate him, people built it after his death.

5. Tropical Ocean World
Tropical Ocean World is a paradise where you can not only see the tropical rain forest's marvelous spectacles but also the wonders of ocean life.

6. Wugong Temples
Wugong Temple is considered to be "the No.1 Building in Hainan" even though it is only a two-storied wooden building. Do you want to look the No.1 Building? If so, go to Wugong Temples at once.

7.  Pearl
Many shops in Hainan sell kinds of pearls, however, as the Hainan specialty, seawater pearl; we do suggest you to buy it in large jewelry stores to avoid the risk of imitations.

8.  Rice Noodle
White color and thin shape, this rice-made noodle is usually served with toppings of fried peanuts, roasted sesame, bean sprout, chopped green onion, shredded meat, sesame oil, Chinese sauerkraut or coriander etc.

9. Laoba Teahouse
Usually located in small lanes with a small basic storefront and several tables and chairs, this kind of teahouse has great tea and wonderful local snacks and food. One of the branches is located at the Changdi Rd. 

10.  Artwork and Souvenir
The featured hundred different kinds of artwork and souvenir have big connection with the ocean. The special local products include pearl, seashell and pepper. You can buy them for your friends and families.