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Things to Do in Hangzhou


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Hangzhou is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. One of the most popular sights is West Lake. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Hangzhou.

Top 10 to do in Hangzhou

1. Ling Yin Temple
The Temple contains an important collection of Buddhist literature together with many other treasures. It is an opportunity to learn Chinese culture.

2. Mt. Putuoshan Scenic Spot
The mountain is of one of four in the country that are held sacred by Buddhists and it was here that over the centuries a once large Buddhist community was to evolve.

3. Six Harmonies Pagoda
There is a spiral staircase leading to the top floor and upon each of the seven ceilings are carved and painted figures including animals, flowers, birds and characters. The Six Harmonies Pagoda is worth visiting and it will not disappoint you.

4. Thousand Islets Lake
It is a beautiful lake with 1078 islets showing different views in different seasons. Besides the beautiful scenery, you can experience grass-skiing, and boat down the water.

5. West Lake
There are many poems are wrote to praise the beauty of the West Lake. A number of specific features can be singled out as worthy of particular note, such as Leifeng Pagoda.

6.  West Lake Vinegar Fish
The fish comes from West Lake, and the dish added with sweet and sour sauce tastes very sour and sweet.

7.  Beggar's Chicken
Firstly, wrap the whole chicken (soaked with Shaoxing wine and stuffed with fried pork) with lotus leaves and coat it with a layer of mud, at last bake it until the mud becomes dry.

8.  Dongpo Pork
Very fatty (around a 50-50 fat-meat ratio) but not greasy, extremely flavorful and rather melts on the tongue.

9.  Hangzhou Silk City
Here is the biggest silk wholesale and retail market, and the best place to buy silk productions, for
more than 600 silk enterprises sell pure silk fabrics, garments, handicraft articles, scarves, and ties here.

10.  Night View
Night View in Hangzhou is very different with the daytime, and the view of water scenery with music fountain is very charming and usually crowded with numerous tourists and peddlers.