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Things to do in Heifei


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1. Chao Lake

The well-known Chao Lake is located in Hefei and is one of the five largest fresh-water lakes in China covering an area of about 800 square kilometers (about 309 square miles). There is an abundance of aquatic produce in the lake, amongst which the whitebait, the shrimp and the crab are known as the three treasures of Chaohu Lake. The lake is embraced by surrounding green mountains - layer upon layer of ridges and peaks. The 'moonlit night of the Chaohu Lake' and the 'morning glow of the four peaks' are two of the ancient eight top scenic spots in Luyang (present day Hefei).

2 .Hui Garden

Perhaps Hui Garden, located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a window through which you can best learn about Anhui Province culture. It covers an area of 20 hectare (about 49 acres) around which the Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers flow. It is mainly divided into two garden areas: Wanbei area featuring Imperial gardens and Wannan area featuring the world-famous Hui Architectural Style. There are many symbolic man-made constructions in corresponding sections such as the beautiful Huangshan Mountain, the Chaolu Lake, the Di Garden, etc. Never miss the opportunity to explore Hui Garden

3.The Former Residence of Li Hongzhang

The Former Residence of Li Hongzhang is another cultural destination which is a well preserved former home in Hefei. It is a typical residence of the south during the Qing Dynasty. Li Hongzhang was born in Hefei and held a civil and military position in the Qing Government. Here you can examine detailed materials that give comprehensive information of this eminent historical person

4.Hengyue Grand Hotel Overseas Traders Club

Hotel Rating:
Hengyue Grand Hotel Overseas Traders Club, Hefei is a five- star luxurious business hotel in Hefei.
Location: New and High-tech Industrial Development District

5.Anhui Hotel

Hotel Rating:
Anhui Hotel is located on No. 18 Meishan Road in Hefei city which is the capital of Anhui Province.
Location: Scenic Area

6.Hui Cuisine Restaurant

Hui Cuisine Restaurant is of course the first kind of recommended restaurant when you choose to eat in Hefei:
Huangshan Hui Cuisine Restaurant
Address: located at No.1178 Changjiang Road (East)
Getting there: Take No. 6 bus to arrive.
Small Hui Cuisine Restaurant
Address: located at No.534 Meiling Avenue
Getting there: Take the No.124 bus to arrive

7.Western-style Restaurants

There are many western-style restaurants you can find along the streets in Hefei. For those who are not used to Chinese cuisine, these are the best places to go. The following two are recommended. New York Western Restaurant located near the Big Bell Tower on Meiling highway provides excellent western food. You can take No.124 bus to arrive there. Another one Brazil Barbecue situated on Hongxing Road is also an exotic restaurant.

8.Huaihe Road Walking Street

In Hefei when you want to go shopping, the place you should never miss is Huaihe Road Walking Street, located in the prosperous area on Huaihe Road, where many kinds of local products are sold. Women who are crazy about shopping can choose to go to Women Street located in Sanxiaokou on Changjiang Road.

9.Hefei Guyu Tea House

Address: middle district along Huizhou Road, Hefei City
Drinking tea is indispensable in Chinese daily life. It is well known that Anhui Province is famous for its tea production. So, when visiting Hefei, the capital city of Anhui, tea-tasting at a tea house, especially at night, is crucial.

10. Café

U.B.C. Cafes
Address: No. 93 Shouchun Road
Getting There: take the bus No. 2, 15, 25, 46, 102, 106, 118, 129, 131 and 132.

Hefei Kangni Cafes
Address: No. 268, Jinzhai Road
Getting There: take the bus No. 10, 12, 13 16, 18, 10,105, 110, 112, 113 and 123.