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Things to Do in Hezhou


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Hezhou city has beautiful natural landscapes and a long history. It is an important tourist city of Guangxi. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Hezhou city.

1.Gupo Mountain National Forest Park

The scenery of Gupo Mountain National Forest Park can be described to be majestic, unique, beautiful. It was listed as one of the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Guangxi.

2.Luhua Hot Spring

Luhua Hot Spring is a famous tourist resort for health care.

3.Linhe Ancient City

Linhe Ancient City is the only well-protected ancient city among the four great ancient cities in Guangxi. It is a national key heritage conservation unit.

4.Hezhou Yu Shi Lin

Hezhou Yu Shi Lin is a stone forest of white marble columns and white marble stalagmites. It stands out of the mountains around.

5.Huangyao Village

Huangyao Village can date back to nearly one thousand years ago. In recent years, large number of tourists home and abroad is attracted by the beautiful scenery of Huangyao Village.

6.Fu Mountain

Fu Mountain is like a large precious seal floating on the river when viewed from afar, thus it has another name“Jade Seal Mountain”.

7.Snack Street

Near the Hezhou Bus Station, there is a snack street, or food stall street, where you can have a taste of snacks with the local flavour of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


Festivals of different ethnic groups such as Fushan Songs Festival, Fireworks Festival, Lantern Festival in Fuyang Street etc. all show the folk-customs, long history and rich culture of Hezhou.

9.Local Products

There are a lot of special local products such as Baimao Tea, silkworm, honey dates, sun-cured tobacco, green plums and others.

10.Physical Features

Hezhou is situated in the hilly area in southeastern Guangxi, and its terrain generally slopes downward from the north to the south.