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Things to Do in Jinan


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1.Beautiful Baotu Spring Park

Beautiful Baotu Spring Park is located in the centre of Jinan City, and it is here that you will find the Baotu Spring and  it represents the symbol of Jinan City

2.Daming Lake Park

Located in the center of Jinan City, Daming Lake Park is regarded as one of the three must-see tourist spots in Jinan ,located in the center of Jinan City.Daming Lake Park is famous for Daming Lake  which is a natural lake formed from many springs.

3.Thousand-Buddha Mountain

Thousand-Buddha Mountain is one of the key points of interest in the city of Jinan, was called Mt. Li in ancient times ,lying 2.5 kilometers  to the south of Jinan. You can enjoy the beautiful sceneries all along the way wandering up either by foot or by bus.

4.Shandong Provincial Museum

Featuring some 100,000 historical relics, 8,000 specimens and a collection of 120,000books .Shandong Provincial Museum presents natural and historical treasures to the public.

5.Huiquan Restaurant

Huiquan Restaurant ,one of famous restaurants where you can sample Jinan cuisine ,located in  No.201, Baotu Quan Bei L.And its specialty is Tang Cu Li Yu.

6.Jinan Specialties

Embroidery: Jinan embroidery is namely Lu Xiu .Jinan's embroidery is famous for the Hair Embroidery and Silk Embroidery. The Fa Xiu is made with human hair. Chinese 'ink wash' painting made this way is really beautiful and true-to-life.

7. Shopping

Shopping is for some a great enjoyment when traveling. Besides visiting the tourist attractions, you can have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs.Places for shopping:Silver Plaza Shopping Mall,Jinan Hualian Shopping Mall,Guihe Shopping Center.

8.Bar and Club

In Jinan, you can have a very relaxing time. Although the nightlife in Jinan is not well developed, it is still a way for people to relax and make friends after a hard days work.With the development of the Jinan economy, karaoke clubs, pubs, bars and coffee shops have become popular, especially among young people.

9.Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel,  rating is five stars ,Located in  the  center of jinan.Crowne Plaza hotel Coveniently located in the centre of the business, commercial and shopping district of Jinan, and right beside the famous Spring City Square.

10.Sofitel Silver Plaza Hotel

Sofitel Silver Plaza Hotel, and hotel rating is five stars,located in the center of jinnan.Opened in 1999, Hotel Sofitel Silver Plaza Jinan is a deluxe property built by Shandong Commercial Group.