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Things to Do in Jingzhou


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Jingzhou is a large city  on the banks of the Yangzi River on the Jianghan Plain. It is an ancient city with a long history of over 2000 years. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Jingzhou city.

1.Baling Hill

Baling Hill is located in the northwest part of Jiangling County, about 8 kilometers away from the town. It was also called Dragon Hill in ancient times because there are many ancient tombs on the hill.

2.Jingzhou Ancient City

Jingzhou has served as the capital in ancient time. The outline of the old city of Jingzhou had changed little since the Three Kingdoms period.

3.Jingzhou Museum

The museum was established in 1958, covering an area of 46,600 square meters. There is a rich collection of arts and antiques in the museum.

4.Relics of Three Kingdoms

Jingzhou, as the focus of quarrels then, has left many cultural relics that are related to the stories of Three Kingdoms.


Kamaboko is sold in various kinds of restaurants in Jingzhou. It cna be cooked in various shapes.

6.Jingsha Soft Shelled Turtle

Jingsha Soft Shelled Turtle is said to contain a variety of exceptional longevity factors and active immune substances helping to prevent cancer. Thus, it is known as a good nutritious food.

7.Thousand Paper Braised Pork

Thousand Paper Braised Pork is made from fatty pork . After boiling in water and frying in deep oil, it is then covered with brown sugar and cut into thin slices in order to steam the meat.


Jingzhou boasts a wide variety of specialties, among which tea, walnuts and walnut carving, green soybeans, Jingzhou embroidery and local vegetables are most valued.

9.Jingzhou Shanshui Hotel

Jingzhou Shanshui Hotel is located at the intersection of Taqiao Road and Jiangjin Road.  It is 5 minutes from downtown.

10.Jingwei International Hotel

Jingwei International Hotel is an international business hotel which is both modern and simple. It is a good choice for you.