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Things to Do in Jiuquan


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1.Jiuquan's History

Since extremely long ago, this area had been inhabited by nomads of several ancient ethnic minorities in northwestern China.  The famous Silk Road stretched through the city and it had been the vital pass linking Central China with Central Asia and Europe.

2.Wine Spring of the Western Han Dynasty

The main scenic spots in the park are Spring Lake. Among those spots, the wine spring of Western Han Dynasty is worth seeing and has a legandary story to share.

3.Jiuquan catering

Jiuquan catering, is unique, the most impressive features is the desert-style "Snow camel palm ", "eachother","gold and silver seaweed" and so on.

4.Night Life

Although it is a small city , but no shortage of nightlife venues. At night,  you can go to the city or the nearby hotels attached to the entertainment leisure. This type of entertainment, generally handle the following day around 2 or 3 am, its level of consumption by the guests according to their own economic circumstances.

5.Jiuquan Hotel

Room very good health and the hotel is  garden-style decor. The hotel has a good environment in the city, transportation is very convenient and most vistors choose this hotel.

6.Local Product

Jiuquan are many local products such as seaweed soil, camel, camel, melon, beans, etc., the streets of the supermarkets and local products stores everywhere. Especially the "grape wine Magic Cup " legendary, must-buy


Populus is very bad in this arid desert region of the only tree species survive, with a strong life force, known as "the desert three thousand years, "that is born alive years, died a thousand years back, does not rot down and the Millennium

8.Mogao Grottoes

Commonly known as the Mogao Grottoes: Thousand Buddha Caves. Mogao Grottoes is the world's most ambitious scale, the most abundant, art the most exquisite, the best preserved Buddhist cave temples.

9.Qiaowancheng site

Qiaowancheng site is located in Anxi county east of Bay City. Has a long history, is a national key cultural relics protection units

10.Suo Yangcheng

Suo Yangcheng pioneering the evolution of the ancient vicissitudes of desertification typical specimens, western China's ancient cultural relics and unique natural landscape with the most perfect tourist attractions.