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Things to Do in Kaili


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The city of Kaili, is the cultural focus of China's Miao and Dong ethnic minorities. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Kaili city.

1.Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village

Langde Miao Ethnic Minority Village is a must place for you to enjoy the unique Miao ethnic culture. Here you will receive a special welcoming ceremony from the hospitable Miao people.

2.Pingliang Gorge

Pingliang Gorgeļ¼Œa national level scenic spot, has steep cliffs on both sides, a torrential river with dangerous shoals and stormy waves.

3.Sickle Bay

The scene of the sickle bay is the epitome of the roaring water and Coloured River. It is not known by anyone until today.

4.Shanmu River

Shanmu River, has become increasingly popular for its picturesque surroundings with its clear water and the green mountains on both banks.

5.Pickled Fish in Kaili Style

It is the traditional food of Dong ethnic people. The main ingredient is the fresh fish caught from the Liujiang River.

6.Sour Fish Soup with Chili and Pepper

It is the exclusive dish of Miao Ethnic people in Kaili. It is featured sour flavor and peppery taste.

7.Pickled Fish

It is a traditional dish of the Dong Ethnic People. The fish is pickled in a clay jar with tomatoes, pepper power for half a year.

8.Traditional markets

Traditional markets are held in nearby villages. In these markets women in traditional clothes are seen, the things they bring from the villages are exchanged in the market.

9.Sisters' Meals Festivals

The Sisters' Meals festival is celebrated by the Miao ethnic people in southwestern China's Guizhou province. It is regarded as the oldest Asian Valentine's Day.

10.Lusheng Festival

The Lusheng Festival is the most influential festival of the Miao community. It is popular throughout Guizhou, Yunnan, and Sichuan Provinces.