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Things to Do in Kashgar


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Nowadays Kashgar is a significant city just considered as western Shenzhen for its natural and historical resources. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Kashgar.

Top 10 Things to do in Kashgar

1. Abakh Khoja Tomb
In China the tomb is better known as the Tomb of Xiang Fei, the only Uigur concubine among the 41 wives of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty.

2. kashgar Bazaar
It was noted as 'the Largest Fair in Asia' in ancient times, and there are more than 20 large scale bazaars in Kashgar at present.

3.  Roasted Meat
It is the most popular food in Kashgar and is commonly seen in every street of Kashgar.

4.  Rice Taken by Hands
With main materials of fresh mutton, carrots, onions, vegetables, rice and raisins, Rice Taken by Hands is usually served on plates and eat it with their hands and with legs crossed.

5.  Yogurt
A nutritious sour dairy product, and loved by locals.

6.  Yinti Zal Fast Food
Offers delicious roast mutton, ramen, roast steamed bun with stuffing etc.

7.  Orida
It offers Xinjiang Noodle, Mutton Meatballs Soup, Chicken in Big Dishes, Xinjiang Rice, etc., with excellent services. 

8.  Night Market
You can find various food stalls selling a smorgasbord of steaming goat stew with bobbling goats' heads, rings of intestines, and so on.

9.  Folk Handicrafts
Kashgar is abundant in traditional folk handicrafts with diversify ethnic flavors, such as the carpets, Yingjisha County Knife, Multicolored Caps, Aidelaisi Silk, Wooden Model Colored Calico etc.

10.  Fruits
Kashgar is called "fruit village", for its unique sour and sweat pomegranate, Almond, Fig, and Grape etc. Except for unique tastes, they are good for your health as well.