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Things to Do in Kunming


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Nowadays Kunming is the political, cultural and economic hub of the province for transport, science and technology. Here is list of top ten 10 things to do in Kunming.

Top 10 Things to do in Kunming

1.  Dianchi Lake
Among these are the Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Daguan Park, Baiyukou Park, Haigeng Bank, Kwan-yin Hill, Xishan Forest Park, temples and pagodas. It is worth visiting.

2.  Yunnan Stone Forest
Thanks to its wonderful vistas and landscapes, visitors marvel at the natural stone masterpieces and are bewitched by the intricate formations.

3.  The Wicker Basket
A best salad bar with a selection of cold meats and lots of small snacks such as crackers, potato croquettes and fried onion rings.

4.   The Silver Spoon Café
Coffee and local foods, such as roast pork with capers, beef bourguignon, duck a l'orange and smoked salmon mousee etc.

5.   Nan Yao Market
Located near the railway station and the long time coach station, is the largest open market in Kunming, a nice place to pick up local handicrafts and souvenirs.

6.  Yunnan Curio Building
It is a 4-storey building located on the Nanping Rd Street, focus on the artwork and handicrafts.

7.  Flowers & Birds Market
It offers many birds and animals as well as antiques, paintings, jade etc, and a nice place to get a glimpse into the locals’ daily lives.

8.  Tea
Yunnan Pu'Er tea is everywhere in Kunming, as the locals believe that it can reduce inflammation, aid digestion, reduce cholesterol and lose weight and loved by them.

9.  Kundu Night Market
It is a place concentrates on dinning, tourism, shopping where you can find many tea houses, coffee houses, internet bars, local snacks etc.

10.  The dance performance in New Kunming Cinema
Consist of 10 movie halls, family balcony, song and dance performance hall, drink house, snack bars.