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Things to Do in Lanzhou


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As the capital city of Gansu Province, Lanzhou has much natural and cultural resources and is famous its Lanzhou noodles. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Lanzhou.

Top 10 things to do in Lanzhou

1.  Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves
Bingling means ‘ten thousand Buddhas’ in the Tibetan language. Famous for its stone sculptures, Bingling Thousand Temple Caves stretches about 200 meters (about 600 feet) on the west cliff in Dasi Gully.

1. Five Springs Park
Ganlu Spring, Juyue Spring, and Mozi Spring are distributed over the Middle Peak area, while Meng Spring and Hui Spring are located on either side of Middle Peak.

2. Gansu Provincial Museum
Gansu Provincial Museum is one of the best sights in the city and a visit is well worthwhile. The world-famous bronze Galloping Horse's Hoof Stepped on a Flying Swallow.

3. Maiji Mountain
You can only reach each cave in Maiji Mountain by using these plank roads, which offers a breathtaking experience. Another curious feature of the statues is their trend toward secularization, that is, a move toward depicting the icons as man rather than god.

4. The first bridge over the Yellow River
Almost every year floods destroyed the bridge or even killed people, to solve this problem, an iron bridge was built. This new bridge is what we call the First Bridge over the Yellow River.

5. Waterwheel Garden
The waterwheel invented by Duan Xu in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) is the oldest irrigation machine. In the garden, you can experience crossing the river on a sheepskin raft, which is the most primeval ferrying tool in the northwest region of the Yellow River.

6. White Pagoda Park
In 1958, White Pagoda Park was opened to the public. The mountain was once famed for its 'Three Treasures', the Elephant Skin Drum, Bronze Bell, and Redbud that withered long ago.

7. Yellow River
The Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization, the spiritual home of the Chinese people. Rich cultural relics, history and gorgeous natural sceneries make the Yellow River a fine place to visit.

8.  Zhangyelu Walking Street
This new commercial pedestrian-only area is split into three major zones selling jewelry, brand-name leisure wear and fast food respectively.

9.  Sanpaotai Tea
A very special tea in china, which is made up of spring tea, longan, apricot, date, preserved fruits, wolfberry, sesame, walnut, dried raisins, etc

10.  Beef Noodles
Needless to say more about the well known Lanzhou beef noodles here, you can experience the
meaning of noodles to Lanzhou people with numerous noodles restaurants on the streets.