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Things to Do in Liuzhou


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Located in the center of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Liuzhou is a historic and cultural city as well as a charming tourist city. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Liuzhou.

1.Bailian Cave

Bailian Cave has the first museum of cave in China, where large numbers of petrification of ancient human being and suckler are displayed.

2.Dule Park

It is a garden park of natural scenery, taking the sight of Karst cave as key part, filled with beautiful scene.

3. Liu Hou Temple

It is a place in remembrance of Liu Zongyuan which is a famous thinker, writer and politician of Tang Dynasty.

4.Longtan Park

It is a large-scaled scenic area where you can enjoy the karst natural scenery, ethnic customs of minorities in southern China along with the subtropical karstic plantscape.

5.Dog Meat

The dog meat in Liuzhou is fresh and delicious. The taste of dog meat is made by glutamate and multiple natural spices. It is popular among local people.

6.Liu Zhou Luo Si Fen

It wins the first place among the local snacks of Liuzhou. Although it may make you sweat heavily, its special and tasty snail soup always tempt you to eat more.

7.Eight Treasures Rice Pudding

Doule Eight Treasures Rice Pudding is made of eight diferent ingredients, soaked in water, dried in the air and then steamed. It is quite soft, aromatic, sweet and tasty.

8.Liuzhou Junlin Tianxia Restaurant

It is a chain restaurant with wild funguses as the special, and the themes of dishes are fungus, mushroom, potherb and crude cereal.

9.Liuzhou Kumquat

As a conventional speciality fruit of Rongan, Liuzhou, kumquat has the fame of “Long Life Fruit”.

10.Strange Stone of Liuzhou

Strange Stone of Liuzhou is rich in storage, plenty in variety and good in quality. Stone lovers can enjoy picking out stones at the side of Liujiang River and selecting stones at the market.

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