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Things to do in Nanchang


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1.Lushan National Park

Lushan National Park is a well-known tourist attraction both in home and abroad. It has appealed to  a large number of guests because of its natural sceneries and cultural heritages.

2.Tengwang Pavilion

Tengwang Pavilion is located  in Nanchang City.  this fine building is one of the three most notable pavilions on south side of the Yangtze River. It also has great fame  of  'First Pavilion of Xijiang River' and has been widely admired by visitors from all over the world.

3.Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is located in the Jiujiang City, it is the largest fresh-water lake in China. Having experienced many geological changes, Poyang Lake is now wide in the south and narrow in the north, like a resplendent pearl on the vast Chinese territory

4.Gloria Plaza Hotel

The greatest feature is the cheap price, located in the city center,  it has convenient transportation only 20 minutes from Changbei Airport, 12 minutes from the railway station and a stone's throw away from major commercial complexes.

5.Nanchang snacks

Nanchang snacks are a must for all visitors. The best places to go to taste the genuine specialties such as Nanchang Rice Noodles and Shitou Jie Mahua are Ruzi Lu and Fuzhou Lu.
some restaurants like Gan Cuisine ,Yutu Fanzhuang ,Xiangtang Tuji Dian,you can try.


Like other capital cities nanchang also provide visitors with a good range of shopping. Large and modern shopping departments, featured business streets and famous supermarkets can definitely meet your demands.
Pacific Shopping Department ,Lihua Shopping Center, Fortune Square and Metro you can try .

7.Night bars.

Nanchang is a city that allows different kind of cultures to mix together. You will find traditional performances and entertainment centers mixed with modern nightclubs, saloons, and pubs. So nanchang's nightlife is Colorful. Coffee bars,cd bars,and so on ,will meet your demands.

8.Jin Feng Hotel, Nanchang

The Jin Feng Hotel is a five-star hotel invested by China Tobacco Co., Located nearby Railway Station .Jiangxi branch and managed by Jin Jiang International Management Corp.
Located nearby Railway Station

9.Dragon and Tiger Mountain

Dragon and Tiger Mountain also known as Longhu Mountain, is a famous Taoism mountain with a long history. It has been noted as the 'Residence of Celestials' and 'Blest Earthly Abode' on account of its beautiful scenery.

10.Mt. Jinggang

Mt. Jinggang is located on the common boundary of Jiangxi Province and Hunan Province. And is famous for the fact that it was here that forces led by Zhu De joined those headed by Mao Zedong.For it wittness the history of the revolution, it is possible to take a tour on Mt.Jinggang