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Things to do in Nanning


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1.Nanhu Lake Park
Location: Southeast of Nanning.

Description: An above-water paradise with different kinds of cruise ships, scenery viewing bridges and modern entertainment facilities. Nanhu Lake is surrounded with typical subtropical plants such as palms, punkas and pinangs. In the lakeside parks, music fountains, water screen films as well as a colorful lamps scene attract a continuous stream of locals and tourists.

2. Guangxi Museum
Locatedin the east of nanning. It is famous for its great collections of ancient bronze drums that date back to the Spring and Autumn Period. 

3.Lao You Fen
Made by steaming the rice liquor in bamboo boxes.Fen can be eaten with different ingredients, resulting in many varieties of Fen food. Fen can be eaten with different ingredients, resulting in many varieties of Fen food. It is most famous Fen dish and has over 100 years of history.

4 Nanning Roasted Duck

Nanning Roasted Duck is representative of all southern China duck dishes. Compared to Beijiang Roast Duck ,Nanning roast ducks are made of local fatty ducks and special ingredients.

5.Shopping place

Nanning has various local products ranging from fruits to handicrafts to traditional.If you want shopping,Chao Yang Lu and Xing Ning Jie are the main shopping places.

6.Clubs and Bar

To a extent, nightlife can reflect a city's outlook.conpared to other famous city, nanning's citizens  enjoy their life in special way.There are many night clubs and Bar ,Coffee Houses.You can choose different nightlife style  while in Nanning

7.Yongjiang Hotel

Yongjiang Hotel in Nanning.The Yongjiang Hotel is located near the Yong River, within walking distance to the pier.The Hotel very is very nice and is beautiful . It would be far better than any other five star Hotels that I have stayed at in China.

8.Dragon Boat Competition
In May and October every year, colorful dragon boats throng Yang Mei River in Yangmei Ancient Town. Drum beats start the competition and thousands of spectators cheer for the boats. Such an exciting scene should not be missed when you are in Yangmei

9.Nanning International Folk Music& Art Festival
Every November, musicians and artists from different kinds of place gather in Nanning, forming an art communication feast. During the festival,numberous activities are held, such as the National Ethnic Folk Music Competition, Square Culture Presentation and Southeast Asia Delicious Food Festival.

10.Jiahecheng Hot Spring Valley.

Located in  Nan Wu Street, northeast of nanning about 13 kilometers from the International Convention& Exhibition Center It is a recreational center based on relaxing, comforting hot springs. You can choose different bathing styles from Chinese, Japanese, Finnish, Thai, Turkish, or Jordanian hot spring bathing way