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Things to Do in Pingyao


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As an ancient town, Pingyao is rich in historical and cultural resource. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Pingyao.

Top 10 Things to do in Pingyao

1. Ancient Ming-Qing Street
Pingyao had been the focus of trade and lead the national finance for decades since the Ming Dynasty. As a result, the street is very prosper at that time and we can just image the glory of it.

2. City Wall of Pingyao
Among the 'Three Treasures' of Pingyao, the City Wall is rated highest for its long history and heavy literature atmosphere. Of course, hotels with the characteristics of ancient architecture are recommended

3. Qiao's Compound
At your first sight of the Qiao’s Compound, you will be astonished by the large scale of the compound. Viewed from above, the Qiao Compound looks very much like the double Chinese character of 'xi', which means happiness and luck.

4. Rishengchang Exchange Shop
If you wonder the enterprise and ingenuity of the merchants of ancient China, You can’t miss Rishengchang Exchange Shop, which is one of the earliest exchange shops in China.

5.  Xiaomian Kaolao
It is a staple food made of buckwheat in Shanxi, and it is usually eaten with some seasonings, such as tomato or chili sauce.

6.  Pingyao Braised Beef
The dish is ready after Stewed the salted old beef with alkaline well water for twelve hours, and tastes tender with a strong fragrance. It could be found in the supermarket outside the old town or in some streets of the Ancient Ming and Qing Street.

7.  Wantuozi
A traditional local snack which is made of wheat or buckwheat flour is easily to find on the streets of Pingyao old town.

8.  Sakura
It is a chain bar with simple and romantic décor and serves western food and drinks.

9.  Pingyao International Photography Festival
The Pingyao International Photography Festival will be held during mid September. During this period, many Photographers and visitors will reach Pingyao City.

10.  Shehuo Festival
It is a kind of folk art performance in north China, may give you a new impression on Chinese Lunar Spring Festival.