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Things to Do in Quanzhou


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1.Kaiyuan Temple

Kaiyuan Temple located on West Street in the Licheng District ,is the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province,.It has a history of over 1,300 years and is the symbols of the Quanzhou City.

2. Qingjing Mosque

Qingjing Mosque located on Tumen Street in the Licheng District, is the oldest example of Moslem architecture in China.This temple bears witness to the friendship and cultural exchange between China and Arabic countries.

3. Tianhou Palace

Tianhou Palace also called Mazu,located on Tianhou Street near the south gate of the city is a goddess.  This palace is the oldest and largest one.  There is also a newly opened museum showing the development of ties between the mainland and Taiwan.

4.Quanzhou Hotel .

Hotel rating is five, located in the heart of the famous historical and cultural city, Quanzhou Hotel is the first 5-star hotel in Quanzhou.

5.Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel
Hotel rating is five . Quanzhou Yeohwa Hotel situated in center of Quanzhou ,is located right in the south section of CiTong West Road of Quanzhou Fengze District, 15 minutes' driving distance to Jinjiang Airport, and 10 minutes driving distance to railway station.

6.Kezai Jian

Kezai Jian also called Fried Oyster, is a traditional snack cooked with big, fleshy oysters and fresh leeks.  You can add more flavors to this dish by adding shallots and pepper.

7.Zhanyou Delicious Food City
Specialties: local dishes, Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine and hot pot. Address: No.7-14, Wenling Central Market, Wenling Food Street

8.Dehua Porcelain

Dehua County of Quanzhou is one of the three 'Capital of Porcelain' in China . Dehua porcelain is well-know of being as glossy and fine as the ivory. It is said that the Dehua porcelains have been exported to the other countries in the Northern Song Dynasty and experienced its golden time in the Ming Dynasty.

9.Zhuangyuan Street

Zhuangyuan Street, the tourism cultural street of Quanzhou, is a pedestrian shopping street between Zhongshan Road and Nanjun Road. Within the elegant and tasteful environment.It features flowers, gifts, handicrafts and other local souvenirs

10.Night life

When night comes, Quanzhou city is always decorated beautifully with colorful neon lights along all the streets. After a busy day, people often go out to relax in the squares, parks, clubs, night markets