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Things to Do in Sanjiang


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Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County is located in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; here is a list of top ten things to do in Sanjiang.

1.Sanjiang Mapang Drum Tower

Mapang is a masterpiece of Dong ethnic architecture. The drum towers each had a drum that was used to call up the villagers if something important happened.

2.Sanjiang Dong Village

Sanjiang county has numerous Dong villages ,and houses of villeges are traditionally built on stilts and are made of wood. A typical example is the Du Dong of Sanjiang.

3.Chengyang Wind Rain Bridge

Chengyang Wind Rain Bridge is built on five thick pillars, and atop each pillar are multi-story wooden structures with layered roofs. It is unusual architecture.

4.Fragrant Glutinous Rice

Fragrant Glutinous Rice was noted in history. During holidays, Dong people often make glutinous rice cake as special presents for friends and kins.

5.Glutinous Rice Rum

The rum local residents vinify with glutinous rice produced in Sanjiang is great delicious and tasty.


It has become a convention for local people to drink Youcha for breakfast. If comes to live in Sanjiang county for a period of time , you will fall into the habit of drinking Youcha.

7.Dong Embroidery

Dong embroidery is a outcome of farming culture. It can be in different forms like scarf patterns, baby slings, female chest coverings, clothes, cloth shoes and so on.

8.Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Festival is the conventional festival of the local people, held on the third day of Chinese lunar calendar, the third day of February and the third day of March.

9.San Jiang Hotel

The San Jiang Hotel is situated at the new developing area of commercial center of Sanjiang Country. It is hotel in line with three stars standard.

10.Fengyuqiao International Hotel

The Fengyuqiao International Hotel is a garden style hotel located on the Minzu Square. It is about 177km away from the Liuzhou Airport and 170km away from the Liuzhou Railway Station. So the transportation is quite conventient for you.