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Things to Do in Shiyan


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Shiyan City is a vital base for automobile production and scientific research. It’s an considerable center of economy, politics, culture, science and technology in the northwest of Hubei Province. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Shiyan city.

1.Mount Wudang

It is a noted Taoist area, and is one of China’s best national park areas, and is considered a world cultural heritage.

2.Fulong Mountain

Fulong Mountain is full of power and grandeur, ridges and peaks. It presents a splendid sight of pines, grotesque stones, clouds, mists and rosy clouds.

3.Old Shangjin City

The Old Shangjin City, with quite a long history, is located in the south of Jizhen town.

4.Yeti Gorge

Yeti Gorge is a magnificent picture consisting of Hiding Cave, Wild-flower Lake, Huancai Ridge, Yetis’Castle, three outdoor bathing pools, Longxu Waterfalls.

5.Wangyousha in Yunxi
With crisp outer layers and soft middle layers, It is quite tasty and sweet.

6.Mount Wudang Taoist vegetarian food

Mount Wudang Taoist vegetarian food is quite unique since it combines the vegetarian cooking styles of Taoism and Buddhism. The focus is on color and taste.

7.Shiyan Baiyu Wuji

It is rich in amino acid etc.,good for human body, of high nutrition value, and is famed as “the Soft-shelled Turtle of the Land".

8.Shiyan Chinese Gall

It is one of the best breeds in the nationwide with a high content of gallic acid.

9.Huxiao Beach

Huxiao Beach natural scenic spot has a unique strategic position and is surrounded by Qinling Mountain, Wulong Temple and Tianjiang Mountain.

10.Argyle Baiqiang Grand International Hotel

Covering a total area of 15.6 hectares, the Argyle Baiqiang Grand International hotel is located in the “ golden area ” of Beijing Road, Shiyan. The hotel is sure to be the good choice for you.