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Things to Do in Taiwan


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The beautiful scenery in Taiwan islands will offer you an appealing trip that you will find it hard to tear yourself away from. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Taiwan.

Top 10 Things to do in Taiwan

1. Ali Mountain
Ali Mountain is world famous for its 'five rare sites' including the Sunrise, the Ali Mountain Forest Railway, the famous Alishan Sacred Tree, the Grand Sea of Clouds, and the Flamboyant Cherry Blossom. It will not disappoint you.

2. Mt. Yangming
Due to the warm and humid climate and the volcanic geography, the Mt. Yangming mountain is rich in animal, insect, and plant species. It is the paradise of animals and plants.
3. Mt. Yushan.
You can climb the mountain on foot or drive a car to enjoy the breathless landscape along the road.

4. Sun Moon Lake
The Sun Moon is the largest natural lake in Taiwan and many places of interest are found around the lake.

5. Taipei National Palace Museum
The Taipei National Palace Museum houses the largest collection of priceless Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world, including ancient bronze castings, calligraphy, scroll paintings etc.

6.  Bellagio
Specialties: This is a popular Taiwan Cuisine restaurant winning the highest public praise in Shanghai. Sanbei Chicken and pilaf served here show the traditional delicacy of Taiwan dishes. The ice blended in Bellagio is tasty such as Ice Blended with Mango, Peanut and Red Bean.

7.  Din Tai Fung
Specialties: This is a chain restaurant from Taiwan, focusing on various snacks. Shanghai snacks blended with Taiwan flavor are served such as the steamed crab powder buns. Shrimp dumplings and beef noodles here are also savory.

Specialties: It is a typical Taiwan Cuisine restaurant. The quiet and comfortable dining hall can be an ideal place for appointments. This restaurant has over 20 branches in Shanghai. Ice Blended with Red Bean and Rou Zao Meal are recommended.

9.  Shilin Night Market
Located in Shilin district in Taipei city, is the biggest night market in Taiwan, which contains 2 parts. One is the snack bars facing the Cicheng Palace, and the other is the area surrounded with Mingyang Theater, contains Anping Street, Da Dong Rd, Shilin Rd.

10.  Taipei 101 mall
A massive upscale mall should be on top of your "shopping in Taiwan" list, and the Page One, a great place to find English Books and magazines.