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Things to Do in Tianshui


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Tianshui is the second largest city in Gansu. Tianshui is famous for its historic sites and natural beauty. Here is  list of top ten things to do in Tianshui city.

1.Maijishan Grottoes

It is one of China's four greatest Buddhist grottoes. The Maijishan Grottoes are part of the Maijishan Mountain scenic reserve area.

2.Immortal Cliff Grottoes

It was named according a legend: "the immortal shows the way with lamps." Now it is a grotto temple displaying interaction between Buddhism and Daoism.

3.Daxiang Mountain

Daxiang Mountain, also named Wenqi, is a steep mountain in Gangu county. In 2001, the grottoes became a national cultural relic.

4.Wushan Water Curtain Caves

The Water Curtain Cave is a natural cave. A great number of big Buddha frescoes of several dynasties, Beiwei, Sui, Tang and Yuan, are preserved on a cliff.

5.Tianshui Noodles

Noodles are the most famous snack foods in Tianshui. There are different kind of styles like GuaGua, Liang Pi, Liang Feng, Jangshui and so on.

6.Street and Market

Pedestrian Street and places near the Commercial Building in Qinzhou District are the most busy in Tianshui. Tianshui Arrow Field is realy a fair trade market.

7.Tianshui Baked Pie

Tianshui Baked Pie is a kind of fast food baked with soft meat in the middle of the cake. It is delicious.

8.Tianshui Guagua

Guagua is a noted snack of Tianshui. Guagua is made of buckwheat flour and other special ingredients.


Traditional Chinese herbs like Angelica, Dangshen, Gerba Epimedii, Polygonati and Radix Scutellariae are abounding in the land of Tianshui.

10.Tianshui Hotel

It is the best venue for receptions and meetings. Tianshui hotel will provide you with wonderful services.