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Things to Do in Tonghua


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Tonghua is highly rich in nature resources of tourism. And there are famous historical sites in and around Tonghua City as well. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Tonghua city.

1.Sanjiaolong Wan

Longwan crater lake group is China’s biggest crater lake group.  It was listed as one of the national nature preserves in 1992.

2.Yalu River

Yalu River Border Tourism Zone is facing Democratic People’s Republic of Korea across Yalu River. Inside the zone spread unique geographical landscape.

3.Koguryo Historic Site

Historic site of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom has been included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List and partly located in Tonghua city.


In the Changbai Mountain area, Tonghua is rich in wild life and plants. There are abandant ginsengs, mushrooms, fungus, edible wild herbs and medicinal herbs in Tonghua.


Tonghua is known as “the land of wine”. The wine is brewed with wild grapes in Changbai Mountain, featuring net taste and transparent color.

6.Tonghua Manchu Paper Cutting

Tonghua Manchu paper cutting is one of China’s three major ethnic paper cuttings; three artists are included in the “the top ten Chinese folk paper-cut masters” list.

7.Business Street

you can buy these local specialties to the business street near the railway station and the business district of Xinhua Street.

8.Snack Street

If you want to taste the snacks, the gourmet street, the Minzhu Road inside Tonghua City, is highly recommended.


Tonghua Longwan Wild Azalea Flowers Tourism Festival began to work in 2005, serving as one of the local festival activities.


The most excited entertainment in Tonghua may be skiing. Being a land of ski, Tonghua is one of the wonderful places for skiers.