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Things to Do in Urumqi


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Urumqi is the center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Urumqi.

Top 10 Things to do in Urumqi

1. Heavenly Lake
As if the natural beauty of Heavenly Lake were not enough, legend adds a mysterious touch. It is a nice story about West Queen.

2. Red Hill
At present, the Red Hill will provide you not only the breathless scenery, but also modern entertainment facilities and ethnic performances.

3. Silk Road
Silk Road contributed greatly to the development of the world, and the travel in Urumchi is an adventure more than just a visit.

4. Roasted whole sheep
Originally, it was a part of country fairs and formal banquets, and now as the tourist needs, it becomes a part of enjoying the city.

5. Lamian Noodles
Freshly stretched and cooked noodles with toppings of meat and vegetables in a bowl of boiling soup will give you a nice experience.

6.  Naan Bread
A staple food of Xinjiang and usually eat with soaking up the juices and sauces. It is loved by its special taste.

7.  Xingfu Road Food Street
Plenty of restaurants offering Xinjiang food, as well Sichuan and Cantonese food etc.

8.  Ethnic Singing and Dancing Show
International Grand Bazaar Entertainment Square is the right place to catch the local ethnic singing and dancing show. Besides, you can watch the show started at 6:00 pm in the open air (free) or in the Banquet Hall (Charges 168 Yuan for dinner and show).

9.  Handicrafts
Urumqi has rich specialties, such as the Uygur-style hats, ethnic costumes, hand-made embroideries, knitted sweaters, jade carvings and carpets, all of them are very popular in the tourists.
10.  Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar
The International Grand Bazaar in Er Dao Qiao is a great place to experience the life of minority region. Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar occupies a total space of 100,000 square meters includes a Banquet Hall, Gourmet Square and Sightseeing Tower.