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Things to Do in Weifang


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Weifang, famous as the World Capital of kites, is a developing tourism city located at East China’s Shandong Province. Here is a list of top ten things to do in weifang.

1.Weifang World Kite Museum

Weifang World Kite Museum is located at 66 Xingzheng Street, Kuiwen District of Weifang city. It is China’s first big kite museum covering an area of 8100 square meters. You can make kite individually and fly the kite at World Capital of Kites Square.

2.Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden

located at Hanting District of Weifang city with an area of 10620 square kilometers, Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden is one of the three Woodcut Chinese New Year Painting producing areas.

3.Shihu Garden

Shihu Garden is the main part of Shihu Ancient Building Complex and was the private garden of Ding Shanbao. It has a long history of more than one hundred years.

4.Mount Yi

This grand mountain is in the south part of the Linqu County with an altitude of 1,032 meters. The Dongzhen stone stele groups and the dumping waterfall are the most beautiful spots in the mountain.

5.Old Dragon Lake

It is a charming scenic spots consists of springs, pools, bridges and many other historic buildings. The large numbers of springs in this spots bring Old Dragon Lake good fame.

6.Yunmen Mountain:

Favored by Taoists and Buddhists, the mountain boasts many religious buildings. You can also enjoy  the cliffside inscriptions and grottoes in the mountain.


Hele is mainly made of noodles, chicken and duck.The noodle is delicious and is still pupular among local people.

8.Braised joint of pork in brown sauce

It is a noted dish in Weifang with a long history, and quite popular with people because of its tasty, soft, nutritious but not oily.


Chongqing Chaotain Pot Restaurant is the most famous in Weifang. It is located at the juncture of Shengli Street and Wenhua Road. It is featuring for Chaotain Pot.

10. Weifang Home Inn Dongfeng East Street

Home Inn East Dongfeng Street serves easy accommodation and thoughful service to guarantee their guests'stay a comfortable one.