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Things to Do in Weihai


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Weihai is a famous tourist city of Shandong province. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Weihai city.

1.Liugong Island

Located in Weihai Bay, it is very close to downtown of Weihai City. Depending on its natural beauty and wonderful climate, the island gets the fameĀ  of 'a fairy isle on the sea' and 'a Garden of Eden'.

2.Liugong Island Expo

Liugong Island Expo is a integrated spot showing the island's long history and age-old cultural.

3.Liugong Island National Forest Park

It is the first forest park on the sea in China, designated by the State Forestry Administration. The highest peak is at an altitude of 503.6 feet On the island.

4.Weihai Beach

The high quality sand, the distinct fours seasons, the unpolluted water make a contribution to the fame of Weihai Beach as a bathing center and the best time to travel to are July, Aug ust and September.

5.Cheng Shan Tou

It is the first place to watch the charming sunrise on the sea in China, so it has another name: China's Cape of Good Hope.

6.Jiawu War Museum

The Jiawu War Museum shows lots of rare and precious historic relics which witness the war between China and Japan in the Yellow Sea in 1894.


Korean restaurant dotted around the city of Weihai, and the Korean dishes here is famous for actual Korean flavor. Prices are fair reasonable.


Maybe nightlife here isn't that colorful as in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other highly developed cities in China, but you can enjoy your life in different ways.

9.Guangming Garden Hotel

Guangming Garden Hotel is located in the center of downtown. The surroundings are peaceful and the service is friendly. What's more,the prise is reasonable.

10.WeihaiHaiyue Jianguo Hotel

Haiyue Jianguo Hotel Weihai, the first sea culture themed hotel in Weihai, has formally opened to the public in 2006. It is located in the west coast of Weihai.