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Things to Do in Wuxi


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Wuxi is blessed with an idyllic feel from the rice, fishing, and fruit cultures of the surrounding sylvan area. Wuxi'main attractions comprising the Taihu Lake, China's third largest fresh water lake, the Lingshan Grand Buddha, Mei Garden, and Turtle Head Island are well worth spending some time on. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Wuxi.

1.The Turtle Head Island

The Turtle Head Island, a small peninsular on the Taihu Lake which is the third largest freshwater lake in China, is the best place to view the mist-covered Taihu Lake.

2.Lingshan Grand Buddha

The Lingshan Grand Buddha sits on the site of an ancient Xiangxiang Buddhist Temple. and the grand Buddha looks at all flesh with an affable smile.

3.Meiyuan Garden

The Meiyuan Garden is a famous place to view the plum blossom in south China. It was originally a private garden of a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations in feudal China.

4.Li Garden

The present Li Garden is divided into four sightseeing areas; When wandering around the garden especially in spring, you will have a tender love for it. 

5. Three Kingdoms City

is a recreation of the panorama of the chaotic Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history. The whole scenic area shows a majestic and spectacular vision and has profound connotations.

6.Steamed Bun in a Small Bamboo Steamer

It is made of different kind flour with well selected ingredients by being steamed in a small bamboo steamer. It is delicious.

7.Wonton with "Three Fresh Ingredients"

The wonton with "three fresh ingredients" with thin coat, rich fillings and fresh soup, is a popular snack among locals.

8.Oil Dried Bean Curd

It is a typical snack of Wuxi City. This snack is tender inside and crisp outside with appetiting flavour.

9.Purple Clay Teapot

Yixing purple clay teapot has a long history of more than 2,400 years  and enjoys a great fame. The longer the teapot is used, the brighter the teapot surface becomes.

10.Tai Lake Pearl

Tai Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in China. Except for its charming scenery and rich fish, Tai Lake is also noted for the pearls.