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Things to Do in Xiamen


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Xiamen is a coastal city and has much tourist resources. Here is our list of top ten things to do in Xiamen.

Top 10 Things to do in Xiamen

1. Gulangyu Island
Gulangyu Island is renowned for its delicate natural beauty, its ancient relics, and its varied architecture. If you want to have the perfect viewing spot to appreciate the scenery of Gulangyu Island, you had better choose 'Old Summer Cave' to visit.

2. Hulishan Battery Scenic Spot
The Hulishan Battery and the Rongguang Museum are the main attractions in Huilishan Battery Scenic Spot. Besides, there are Wanggui Platform and Pangui Platform from which tourists can see Dadan Island and Erdan Island through a telescope. In a word, the Hulishan Battery Scenic Spot is worth your visit.

3. Jimei
Jimei is one of the four most popular tourist sites of Xiamen City, especially for its academic atmosphere as well as pretty natural and social sights. What’s more, Jiageng Park, Dragon Boat Pond, Yanping Gulei, Crocodile Garden, etc. are also appealing to visitors.

4. Nanputuo Temple
Even if you are not interested in Buddhism, you will find the place a scenic area providing you with a refreshing experience. Especially the vegetarian food served in the temple, the dishes' unique colors, fresh tastes and poetic names make them popular with the tourists.

5. Seafood
Because of its special geographical position, plenty of restaurants in Xiamen have stacks of fish tanks in their lobbies or dining areas allow the customers to pick up the fresh seafood. In addition, Medicinal Meals, Fo Tiao Qiang, Tu Sun Dong and Spring Roll are available.

6.   Fo Tiao Qiang
Boling over twenty ingredients in a jug of rice wine, such as mussels, pork, shark’s fin, sea cucumber, and many other meats and vegetables.

7.   Vegetable Dishes
Influenced by the famous South Putuo Temple in Xiamen, there are many elegantly named vegetarian dishes with high-quality organic ingredients and delicate presentation.

8.  Phoenix Flower
You can appreciate the beautiful phoenix flower in June, and two months later, Gulangyu Piano Festival is about to played. At Mid-Autumn Day, Cake Gambling Festival is usually celebrated. If you if you are interested in the culture and customs, you can personalize your trip to experience the local festivals.

9.  Zhongshan Road
Zhongshan Road is a most prosperous and comprehensive commercial areas with the perfect combination of East and West in Architecture. Zhongshan Rd is surrounded by large shopping centers, a variety of small retail stores selling an abundance of items at low prices.

10.   Xiahe Road
A large number of commercial plazas and shopping centers and hotels are scattered along this rd, which give you a very comfortable shopping environment to look around this city and find something back home.