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Things to Do in Yiwu


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Many beauty spots and places of historical interest spread in the city, as a result, people of talent have come forth in large numbers in its local history. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Yiwu.

Top 10 Things to do in Yiwu

1. Luo Binwang Tomb
Luo Binwang is historically known as one of the four greatest poets  in the early period of Tang Dynasty. The tomb was built to commemorate him.

2. Xiuhu Park
Standing at the highest point, you will see among the man-made hills, winding bridges, arched bridges, and streams scattered throughout the park and around the lake.

3. Yiwu International Trade City
With a total of fifteen thousand booths, this market deals with a wide range of merchandise including cultural articles, sporting goods, cosmetics, spectacles, fasteners, zippers, hardware, electronic implements and so on.

4.  Honeydew Huo Fang
A steamed, red, sweet dish made with honeydew melon, cherries and Jinhua ham and coated in sugar crystals and lotus seeds.

5.  Fotang Boiled sliced mutton
The fragrant Boiled sliced mutton meat is best enjoyed dipped in a simple mixture of soy sauce, ginger and shallots.

6.  Jinhua Dish in Clay Pot
The dish is eaten like a hotpot with different meats (Jinhua ham, duck, turtle and snack etc) and vegetables cooked in it, and then the soup is eaten last.

7. Buckwheat Mouse
Actually, has no connection with mouse, it is mouse-shaped buckwheat noodles boiled and served with vegetables.

8.  Binwang Night Market
Numerous stalls provide you with a wide variety of barbecues, such as Shish kebab, various vegetables etc. take a drink of icy beer or take a seat in a nearby bar or sing in a KTV house after dinner will be a nice experience.

9.  Yiwu Million Fans Bar
The electronic music bar 360 degree full dynamic three-dimensional entertainment and cultural dance party scene leads the new fashion of Yiwu cultural entertainment.

10.  Huangyuan Market
A market sells commodities, shoes, thread, candles and cotton. It provides enough goods for choosing.