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Things to Do in Yixing


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Yixing is on the Yangtze River Delta and near a big lake called Lake Taihu. Yixing was  famous for its pottery, and it was known as the “Ceramics Capital of China. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Yixing.

1.Longbeishan Forest Park

It is the largest comprehensive ecological and recreational park with beautiful natural scenery and humane landscape in Shanghai , Nanjing and Hangzhou areas, attracting large numbers of tourists every year.

2.Shanjuan Cave

Shanjuan Cave has been regarded as a mysterious limestone cave in Jiangsu Province and even in China.

3.The Sea Of Bamboo

It is called the “No. 1 Sea of Bamboo in East China” and the “No. 1 Source of Taihu Lake.”

4.Yixing Ceramics Museum

It has been praised as an “Oriental Pearl and a Ceramics Capital.” Currently, it is the biggest ceramics museum in the area.

5.Renfang Park

Renfang Park is located in Yicheng Town of Yixing City. It was named after Ren Fang, a celebrity in Yixing in the Southern Dynasty of China. It is the biggest comprehensive park in Yixing City.

6.Zhouwang Temple

Zhouwang Temple, known as Heroic Temple or Zhouxiaohou Temple, is located in Dumiao Lane in Yicheng Town, Yixing city. It is one of the local-level units of cultural relics conservation of Jiangsu Province.


Due to its advantageous geographic location, there are a variety of fish abound in this area, such as the white shrimp, the silver fish and the river crabs.


There are many restaurants in Yixing. Among them, the restaurants along Yixing Tea Bureau Lane are the best choices for local food.

9.Yixing International Hotel  
International Hotel is a four-star hotel eligibly located in a business center. It opened in 1995 and was decorated in 2002.

10.Yixing Huating International Hotel

The Huating International Hotel Yixing is a business hotel located in the downtown of Yixing City, only a few minutes walk to the walking street.Transportation is quite convenient.