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Things to Do in Zhaoqing


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As one of the birthplaces of Lingnan aborigine culture, Zhaoqing is a national historical and cultural city with a history of more than 2,200 years. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zhaoqing city.

1.Xinghu Seven Star Cave

The Seven Star Cave is featured by mountains of karst lava landform and lake landscape,  consisted of five lakes, six mounds, seven cliffs and eight caves.

2.Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall

Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall is the only existing ancient city wall in Guangdong Province. It is of the shape of orthogon with the circumference 2,800 meters.

3.Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area

Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area is the tourist attraction where you can not only enjoy the natural scenery but also feel strong religious atmosphere.

4.Swallow Rock

There are strange rocks and fantastic caves here. All these make up a beautiful Swallow Rock scenery area.

5.Peach of Blossoms

The Peach of Blossoms is an old village surrounded by mountains whose scenery is quite different from outside. Here you can feel what Tao Yuanming had described in his works.


Yuejianglou is an ancient mansion that served as the headquater of the fourth revolutionary army with special significance.

7.Glutinous Rice wrapped in Leaves

This is a famous local delicacy that can be bought throughout the city.

8.Boat Cruise at Night

There's a boat cruise that can be taken around Seven Star Crags at night. Many pagodas and structures are lit up at night.

9.Musical Fountain

This is one of the largest musical fountains in China. It is so magical that attracts a lot of people every year.

10.Zhaoqing Shanshui Trends Hotel

Zhaoqing Shanshui Trends Hotel is located on Xijiang north road, opposite the Sport Center, with very convenient transportation.