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Things to Do in Zhaoxing


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Situated at the southeastern of Guizhou, Zhaoxing village, is one of the largest Dong Minority villages in China. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zhaoxing city.

1.Diping Wind-Rain Bridges

The covered Diping Wind-Rain bridges, also named Flower Bridges, are famous for its unique architectural style. It has the longest history among Dong’s architectures.

2.Drum Towers

Zhaoxing is famous for its drum towers, which are the only one of its kind in China. Hence it is praised as the land of drum towers.


Ni Ren Jie Festival with about 500 years history, is one of the most interesting celebrations.


The nightlife scene involves restaurants and  drum towers which are places to hang out with friends and family. In such a small town, nightlife is not colorful as other big cites.


Jugulou is a traditonal national handicrafts. Select and bargain with the owner you can get one at a good price. The owner will be very friendly.


In zhaoxing, there seem to be occasional performances. They aren't professional actors, but it's still interesting to watch.

7.River Washing

Life is dependent on water here as in any place. Clothes and food are cleaned in the local streams, or with river water on the streets.

8.Before the lights, playful song

Local women singing a seemingly playful song back to the local men, off-camera right.

9.Dong Minority
Everyone can sing and play their local instrument SHEN. Their singing is beautiful, but SHEN may driv you crazy.

10.Tourist Services

If you need help while in Zhaoxing, the Tourist Service Center can probably help you. It is right on the corner by the Zhaoxing Hotel. It seem to close fairly early, around 5 or 6, maybe a bit later.