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Things to Do in Zhengzhou


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Zhengzhou is a profound historical and cultural city and it has more than 1400 places of historic interest. Here is a list of top ten things to do in Zhengzhou.

Top 10 Things to do in Zhengzhou

1. Song Mountain
In the Song Mountain, you can appreciate not only the fine natural scenery, but its profound and extensive cultural history. Shaolin Temple is an example.

2. Yin Xu
Yin Xu has proved to be the earliest remains of an ancient capital city in written record. Without doubt, its great value in not only the historical relics of Chinese culture but also the human civilization of the whole world.

3. Three cooking methods of Carp
It is a famous traditional dish in Zhengzhou with one Carp cut into three parts, one parts is fried, one part is cooked with sweet and sour sauce, and the last part (head and tail) is boiled to make tasty and notorious soup. 

4. Ge’s Men Bing
Tasty dough with meat and vegetables inside is one of the most popular snacks in Zhengzhou

5. Hu La Tang
A very popular snack in breakfast with some cakes, if you have a try, you will never forget its taste.

6.  Jade Sculpture
If you want to buy something meaningful in Zhengzhou, Jade Sculpture is a good choice.

7.  Er Qi Road Commercial Street
It is the most bustling commercial street in Zhengzhou, sells China and international brand clothes in the shops scattered on either side of the Erqi Road, such as the Department Store.

8.  Dehua Commercial Walking Street
An ancient architecture style walking street focuses on daily necessaries with Tongrentang Pharmacy, Kuixiang Flower Shop and so on.

9.  Night View
Er' qi Square with a music fountain is a nice place to experience the locals nightlife with singing and dancing.

10.  Teahouse
Except for bars and cafe, you can go to teahouse to experience the relax life in Zhengzhou.